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pope francis addresses america bob cornwall - yesterday pope francis spoke to a joint session of congress and in doing so he addressed the america people he did so not as a politician though he is a head of state but as a pastor as a pastor he speaks with a different voice though he addresses serious political issues, eating with sinners a sermon ponderings on a faith journey - jesus always seemed to have an answer for his critics usually he drew his answers from scripture in this case he turned to hosea 6 where god declares i want mercy and not sacrifice jesus used that text against his critics telling them that he was supposed to minister to sinners and not the righteous, international law encyclopedia com - international law christopher c joyner international law is the body of customs principles and rules recognized as effectively binding legal obligations by sovereign states and other international actors, united states declaration of independence wikipedia - the united states declaration of independence is the statement adopted by the second continental congress meeting at the pennsylvania state house now known as independence hall in philadelphia pennsylvania on july 4 1776 the declaration announced that the thirteen colonies at war with the kingdom of great britain would regard themselves as thirteen independent sovereign states no longer