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yi kwang su wikipedia - life famous among other things for writing heartless the first modern korean novel yi kwangsu was born yi bogyeong on february 1 1892 yi was orphaned at about age 10 and grew up with donghak believers, peace under heaven a modern korean novel amazon com - peace under heaven a modern korean novel man sik chae kyung ja chun on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers originally published in seoul in 1938 soon after the outbreak of the pacific war peace under heaven is a satirical novel centering on the household of a korean landlord during the japanese colonial occupation, three generations yom sang seop yu young nan - a classic work of korean fiction following the tense dynamics of the jo family in 1930s japanese occupied seoul skillfully describing traditional korean family structure and vividly portraying the effects of japanese rule three generations presents a fierce battle between modern and traditional elements as well as a chilling portrayal of