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achievement define achievement at dictionary com - achievement definition something accomplished especially by superior ability special effort great courage etc a great or heroic deed his remarkable achievements in art see more, achievement synonyms achievement antonyms thesaurus com - it must be a worldwide effort for the achievement of peace plenty and freedom but the loneliness was lighted by a glow of pride of triumph of achievement, achievement definition of achievement by merriam webster - the discovery of dna was a major scientific achievement it was a great achievement getting the project done on time was a real achievement, achievement series official site - about achievement series web based grade level assessment platform develop and administer tests capture results and produce standards based reports, achievement synonyms achievement antonyms merriam - 1 a successful result brought about by hard work this improvement in your time for a 10k road race is quite an achievement, achievement hunter achievementhunt twitter - guess who finally remembered to twit about achievement hunter live in australia this guy and totally not because thesteffie is standing behind me with a knife nope she wouldn t do that with such a big knife, achievement reward health on the app store - over 2 million members are already getting paid to be healthy more than 500 000 have already been paid out achievement is one of the top health apps in app store, 51 achievement quotes to inspire your journey to success - in this collection of powerful achievement quotes we will feature quotes about how success habits can help you achieve your goals we will give you some success quotes that will help to inspire hard work, trueachievements xbox achievement tracking - trueachievement is the home of xbox news achievement lists and guides reviews interviews leaderboards and more come and find out just how good are you, achievement meaning in the cambridge english dictionary - achievement definition 1 something very good and difficult that you have succeeded in doing 2 something that you did or got after planning and working to make it happen and that therefore gives you a feeling of satisfaction or the act of working to make this happen 3 something that a person learn more